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Boat Cover Care and Maintenance

Although Custom Covers L.H.C. uses the Finest Materials and takes pride in our workmanship, proper care on your boat cover is very important to ensure its longevity.

IMPORTANT: Putting a boat cover on while interior of the boat is still wet may trap moisture and cause bacteria, mold, or mildew which could potentially ruin the interior and pinking may occur. 

When towing: 

  • Verify that all snaps are snapped (if applicable)

  • Ensure that the rope and hem are tied tight and properly

  • All side tie-downs to the trailer need to be secure and tight

  • Inspect periodically during trip to ensure nothing comes loose 

When stored:

  • (If storing outside) To aid in proper rain run off, crank trailer wheel up or down

  • Ensure all tent poles are adjusted to proper height

  • Regularly inspect cover for small tears and wear-spots and repair early before they get worse. 

  • If snaps become difficult to snap/unsnap due to residue, the snaps installed on your boat can be restored by lubricating with a bar of soap. DO NOT use petroleum-based lubricants.


Sunbrella recommends the following cleaning schedule:  

  • For boats that are stored OUTSIDE  : Boat cover material should be washed ONCE per year. 

  • For boats that are stored INSIDE : Boat cover material should be washed every TWO to THREE years. 

Refer to Sunbrella Marine Fabrics Care and Cleaning for more information

ALWAYS use an INDUSTRIAL WASHING MACHINE to clean in order to properly remove the dust from the fibers.

ALWAYS  install your boat cover back onto your boat just after it has been washed and is still wet. Allow to air dry in the sun in order to maintain a proper fit. 


Note: every time you wash your cover, you are removing some of the water repellency.

We recommend periodically using : 303 Marine Fabric Guard which Restores Water and Stain Repellency. 

Warranty and Repairs: 
Custom Covers L.H.C. offers a FIVE YEAR workmanship warranty on our custom covers, if at anytime you experience problems with your new Boat Cover, please do not hesitate to call and let us service it.

Improper use VOIDS all warranty.

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