Enclosures, Anyone?

With the Winter Season upon us, a lot of our customers start asking about enclosures. What a great way to still use your toys and stay protected from the rain, wind and chill at the same time. We can do custom fitted golf cart, boat and UTV enclosures.

Imagine yourself doing your rounds of golf and no longer do you have to be concerned about the rain, cold or wind while driving from tee to tee. What ever your style, we can make it happen. We have clear material that can act as a "window", zippers that can work as doors. You can be fully enclosed and comfortable in between your swings!

Boat Enclosures! Winter is upon us, you have the time off and want to use your boat and guess what, you still can without freezing! These are popular for overnight camping or fishing on your boat. Keeps a majority of the bugs out and blocks the wind and rain.

Whether your are in the sand, cruising in the desert, or on the road you can avoid the wind and the rain while traveling in your UTV!

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- Michelle and John

Custom Covers L.H.C.


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