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Top 3 pull pins for Bimini tops

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

So you are looking for pull pins for your Bimini top, but which style is the right choice? Maybe yours have gotten old going through the years of many fun-filled seasons, perhaps they got damaged for one reason or another, or they've just gone completely missing. No matter the case, they can be replaced!

We've been manufacturing bimini tops and boat covers for 30+ years and in that time, I've gotten many calls asking what I recommend when looking for replacement pull pins. I've got 3 great options for you, depending on your needs and all of great quality.


If you are looking for something basic, yet durable to replace a pull pin, one best value option is this VTurboWay Small Quick Release Pin. This style is what I personally use when manufacturing Bimini tops.


- Quick Release

- 316 Stainless Steel

- Good Durability

- 2 per pack

- Good price


- Sometimes the ball-bearing will vibrate loose or pop out.


Let's be honest, how many are you replacing now and how many will you need in the future? One false move and these things are at the bottom of the lake or ocean. It's better to have back-ups and keep them on hand when you need them most. This option comes in high volume and has a few extra features compared to the one above. Presenting: Mxeol Quick Pin with Drop Cam


- Quick Release

- 316 Stainless Steel

- Good Durability

- Comes with lanyard to prevent loss

- 10 per pack

- Great price


- The toggle portion may eventually bend and make it unusable

- Lanyard should be installed (riveted) onto frame for loss prevention

Best Design, No-Fail

This Rapid Release Pin type is overall best design, no-fail option. The reason why this type is the best is because you have to push a button in order to release the ball-bearing, therefore it can't vibrate loose. It is the most requested by customers. With this one, you have an option to add and install a lanyard if you choose (sold separately).


- Push button quick release

- 304 Stainless Steel

- Most Durable


- Cost

All of these are great options, depending on your preference. Either one of these will give you the quality you desire for your next boating adventure.

For more product recommendations on our website, please visit here.

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